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Did you know?

You can get your old fridge picked up and get some cash.

Your old refrigerator uses up to four times the electricity of a new one. So, why not recycle it?

This could save you up to $140 a year on your energy bill plus the company will  haul it away free of charge.

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Did You Know?

The water heater is the third largest energy expense in your home and typically accounts for 12% of our utility bill?

Heating water requires a significant amount of energy, and natural gas has proven to be the more efficient choice for this purpose. Using natural gas at the appliance is three times more efficient than using electricity. With natural gas, about 90% of the energy is delivered directly to your hom. In comparison, electricity is only about 30% efficient because 70% of the source energy is lost in power generations and transmission.

If you are looking for additional efficiencies, consider a tankless water heater, Tankless water heaters, as the name suggests, have no storage tanks. They heat water only when hot water is needed making them very energy efficient. Since most tankless water heaters are compact and wall mounted, they are extremely space efficient. Although water heaters typically cost more to purchase, they cost less to operate in the long run. The added benefit of energy tax credits definitely make tankless water heaters a smart choice.

Did you know?

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Assure that fuel – burning appliances are installed, maintained and used properly and safely. This includes an annual inspection of heating and venting equipment by a qualified contractor prior to the heating season and the use of a carbon monoxide alarm that meets current standards. To prevent carbon monoxide from forming, make sure your furnace has adequate ventilation and do not use the furnace closet for storage. Ensure that any space heater are properly, installed by a qualified professional, and maintained correctly. Keep gasoline, flammable liquids, and other combustible material away from appliance and other sources of ignition.
You should be aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, symptoms can occur immediately or more gradually after long – term exposure. Common symptoms include dizziness, confusion, shortness of breath, nausea, headaches, and fainting.

If you have these symptoms after being in a enclosed area, get to fresh air immediately and go to a hospital emergency department or call 911. Be sure to tell your doctor or the emergency responders that you may have carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Clean energy economy will continue to create more jobs and opportunities by supporting small businesses, electricity cost, and creating healthier communities.

Energy Tip:

Did you know?
A single – speed pool pump is typically your home’s second largest energy consumer, behind your air condition system. Replacing a single -speed pump with a variable -speed could save you up to 80 percent in energy cost associated with your pool.*

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