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Energy Advice – Saver

In the cold months, set your thermostat to 68 degrees while you’re at home. At night, or when your home is unoccupied turn down your thermostats to 58 degrees. A programmable thermostat is ideal if you are away from home during set periods of time throughout the week – According to the Environmental Protection Agency, through proper use of pre-programmed settings, a programmable thermostat can save you about $200.00 a year.


Natural Gas



Natural gas is greener than you think a home with natural gas appliances can lower your home’s carbon footprint by 46%.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel.

Natural gas is domestically abundant.

Natural gas is 3x more efficient than electricity.

Natural gas is typically the lowest costing fuel.

Cooking with a natural gas range cost about half as much as a electric range.

The Green Idea of Saving Money

Older refrigerator model, with freezer compartment

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 The refrigerator or freezer in your garage or basement may be running up your energy bill by an average $140.00 a year. Recycle it, reduce your energy use and keep harmful material out of landfills and make some extra ca$h. If you are thinking of purchasing a new refrigerator consider an ENERGY STAR these are the most efficient models on the market.


Try to position your refrigerator so that there’s at least 1″ of space on each side and in back. This will allow for the proper circulation, which can actually reduce energy consumption by 10%.

Try to watch and minimize opening the refrigerator door for consumption and teach small children & your husband this green tip.

Did you know?

Have you ever wonder how many gallons of water you use during a course of a day?       Here is a breakdown.

Per person usage in a home with high-efficiency fixtures    


Per person usage in a home with older fixtures.

Dishwasher   0.6                                                        Dishwasher   1.0

Faucets       5.9                                                           Faucets           10.9  

Leaks /waste     6.2                                                     Leaks / waste    9.5

Showers         11.1                                                      Showers     11.6

Towlet         5.3                                                          Towlet        18.5

Washing Machines    3.9                                            Washing Machines    15

Miscellaneous            0.3                                            Miscellaneous        1.6

Total:               33.3    Gallons                                     Total:                68.1   Gallons

You can cut your water use in half and lower your bills by  retrofitting  your house with – fixtures.


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Warm weather is here , but because it’s hot doesn’t mean your wallets should get burned. Save water and money as the temperatures rise. Start with tips on making your swimming pools more efficient and check out other ways to reduce your indoor water use. I hope you find this Smart Living Tip a saving on your water bill and a few extra dollars in your pockets.

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