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Top 10 Holiday Lighting Tips

1. Switch to safe, long- lasting, – efficient LED ( light emitting diode ) holiday lights whenever possible. Use a timer to reliably turn off lights during daylight hours and other specified times. 

2. Don’t overload your electric circuits.

An extension lead/multiplug.

An extension lead/multiplug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Check fuses or circuit breaker panel to see what your home can handle, and stay well within the limits.

4. Adhere to manufacture’s destinations to use (indoor vs outdoor). Outdoor lighting should have insulated electrical cords and be plugged into ground fault interrupter-protected receptacle only.

5. Don’t run extension cords under rugs, around furniture legs, or around furniture legs, or across doorways.

6. Keep all plugs and connectors off the ground, away from puddles and sprinklers.

7. Avoid stringing more than three sets of lights together and plugging into a single outlet.

8. Make sure there’s a bulb in each socket of a light string even if in burned out.

9. Keep your natural trees well- watered to prevent bulbs from igniting dry branches.

10. Never use electrical decorations on metal trees.



Did you know?

Natural gas dryers provide instant heat that’s

much gentler on laundry than the dry heat of

electric dryers. and clean burning  natural gas

is gentler on the environment, allowing you to

leave behind a smaller carbon footprint with each load.

Faster than electric dryers, natural gas models

allow clothes to tumble less and last longer. many

models have sensors that measure the amount of

moisture inside the dryer and automatically shuts

it off when the load is drying. This saves energy and

reduces wear and tear on fabrics.

Because natural gas cost half as much

per load as electric does, it’s gentler on your

budget throughout the lifetime of your appliance.

English: modern front load tumble dryer, pictu...

Shopping tip:

When shopping for a natural gas water heater,

be sure to consider both the purchase price of

the unit as well as the operating cost.

Natural gas not only assures you of your comfort that’s affordable and reliable, it’s preferred by homeowners who want to help save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment.

Did you know?

You can get your old fridge picked up and get some cash.

Your old refrigerator uses up to four times the electricity of a new one. So, why not recycle it?

This could save you up to $140 a year on your energy bill plus the company will  haul it away free of charge.

Call 1877 289-8260

to schedule a pick up time.

How clean is your water?

Clean water begins at the source

To ensure tap-water safety, the EPA prescribe regulations that limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems. food and Drug Administration regulations established limits for contaminants in bottle water, which must provide similar protection for public health.


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Just Clean Natural Gas

Did you know?

Today, natural gas touches nearly everyone . It is a dominant source of energy for heating, water heating and cooking in homes and businesses.

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Using a microwave oven can reduce your energy used for cooking by more than 50%.

Lowering your water heaters temp to 140* F to 120* F can reduce your energy bill 10% .

Also the biggest energy user in your homes

next to heating and cooling system, is your hot water system. Solar hot water is a more affordable

Solar water heating: panel comparison

The Season for Sharing

switchable multiple socket, power strip

Image via Wikipedia

This holiday Let’s keep safety a top priority, Please remember to check

each set of lights for broken or cracked sockets  bare wire, excessive kink or wear.

Do not leave holiday lights on unattended.

Green Energy Saving Tip:

No one likes to pay for something that they don’t use.

TVs, DVD, VCRs players, computers / printers, and other gadgets still draw a small amount of electricity as long as they’re plugged in.

Did you know?

Up to 10 percent  of your annual energy bill could be consumed while the electric devices are turned off Start unplugging  those electronics appliances from the wall outlets when not in use a power strip  and switching it off when not in use.

Happy Holiday ~  Green Season

Important Update

carbon monoxide detector

Image by Judy ** via Flickr

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Make sure to schedule an annual inspection of heating and venting equipment by a qualified contractor and install a carbon monoxide alarm that meets current standards.

To prevent carbon monoxide from forming, make sure your furnace has adequate ventilation and do not use the furnace closet for storage. Ensure that any space heaters are used properly, installed by a qualified professional and maintained correctly. This includes gasoline , flammable liquids and other combustible materials any from appliances and other sources of ignition.

Be aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide – Dizziness, Confusion, Shortness of breath, Nausea, Headaches, and Fainting.

If you have any of these symptoms after being in an enclosed area get fresh air immediatly and go to a hospital emergency department or call 911

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