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Time to Bundle up with saving on your power bills

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Set your thermostat between 65* and 68*F  and your nighttime temperature at a lower setting. For each degree you lower the thermostat you can save about 1% on your gas bill.

Regular change or clean air filters as required. Heating units use less energy and work more efficiently when filters are not clogged or dirty.

To prolong the life of your furnace and decrease energy usage, have your furnace checked by a licensed contractor

Natural Gas Safety

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You should be aware that the natural gas piping between the meter and gas equipment in the home is the responsibility of the property owner.

Periodically, have the piping inspected since underground natural gas piping is often metallic and may corrode or leak if not properly installed or maintained. Don’t forget to inspect the underground natural gas piping to a shop, pool heater or other living quarters. If you noticed that your shrubs and grass near your underground natural gas piping turn brown and die and/or the soil turn s dark brown or black – you may have an underground natural gas leak. You may not be able to smell an outdoor natural gas leak because the odorant added to natural gas will be filtered out as it passed through the soil.

You have the choice to be greener than you think.

Natural Gas Usage

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Did you know?

The Benefits of Solar Water Heating Systems.

* Can be used in any climate

* Uses the sun’s energy to heat water

* Saves up to 40% of natural gas used to heat water

* A cost effective way to generate hot water for your business & home


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