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Important Update

carbon monoxide detector

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Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Make sure to schedule an annual inspection of heating and venting equipment by a qualified contractor and install a carbon monoxide alarm that meets current standards.

To prevent carbon monoxide from forming, make sure your furnace has adequate ventilation and do not use the furnace closet for storage. Ensure that any space heaters are used properly, installed by a qualified professional and maintained correctly. This includes gasoline , flammable liquids and other combustible materials any from appliances and other sources of ignition.

Be aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide – Dizziness, Confusion, Shortness of breath, Nausea, Headaches, and Fainting.

If you have any of these symptoms after being in an enclosed area get fresh air immediatly and go to a hospital emergency department or call 911

Did you know?

Have you ever wonder how many gallons of water you use during a course of a day?       Here is a breakdown.

Per person usage in a home with high-efficiency fixtures    


Per person usage in a home with older fixtures.

Dishwasher   0.6                                                        Dishwasher   1.0

Faucets       5.9                                                           Faucets           10.9  

Leaks /waste     6.2                                                     Leaks / waste    9.5

Showers         11.1                                                      Showers     11.6

Towlet         5.3                                                          Towlet        18.5

Washing Machines    3.9                                            Washing Machines    15

Miscellaneous            0.3                                            Miscellaneous        1.6

Total:               33.3    Gallons                                     Total:                68.1   Gallons

You can cut your water use in half and lower your bills by  retrofitting  your house with – fixtures.

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