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Did you know?

Have you ever wonder how many gallons of water you use during a course of a day?       Here is a breakdown.

Per person usage in a home with high-efficiency fixtures    


Per person usage in a home with older fixtures.

Dishwasher   0.6                                                        Dishwasher   1.0

Faucets       5.9                                                           Faucets           10.9  

Leaks /waste     6.2                                                     Leaks / waste    9.5

Showers         11.1                                                      Showers     11.6

Towlet         5.3                                                          Towlet        18.5

Washing Machines    3.9                                            Washing Machines    15

Miscellaneous            0.3                                            Miscellaneous        1.6

Total:               33.3    Gallons                                     Total:                68.1   Gallons

You can cut your water use in half and lower your bills by  retrofitting  your house with – fixtures.

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