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Did you know?

You can get your old fridge picked up and get some cash.

Your old refrigerator uses up to four times the electricity of a new one. So, why not recycle it?

This could save you up to $140 a year on your energy bill plus the company will  haul it away free of charge.

Call 1877 289-8260

to schedule a pick up time.

Time to Bundle up with saving on your power bills

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Set your thermostat between 65* and 68*F  and your nighttime temperature at a lower setting. For each degree you lower the thermostat you can save about 1% on your gas bill.

Regular change or clean air filters as required. Heating units use less energy and work more efficiently when filters are not clogged or dirty.

To prolong the life of your furnace and decrease energy usage, have your furnace checked by a licensed contractor



Easy modifications on washing clothes

. Wash full loads

. Check hoses regularly for cracks that would result in leaks. Turn off the water supply valves when the machine is not in use reduces your chance of a catastrophic leak.

. Washing clothes in cold water , use hot for bedding.

. Avoid the permanent press cycle, which uses an additional 5 gallon for the extra rinse.

. Pre-treat stains to avoid rewashing.

. Familiarize yourself with your washing machine ‘s options. Some settings provide the same cleaning power as a normal cycle, but with less water and energy. Check your user manual for water consumption information about the various cycle on your model, or contact the manufacturer.

. Consider replacing old washers with new high-efficiency machine. Washing can pay for themselves in less than five years with water and energy savings and may extend the useful life of clothes.

I hope you find this Water Smart Washing  Tip useful please leave a reply or let us know if you like it.

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